Saturday, 12 July 2014

23. Forever uninspired. Finally an OOTD.

Fresh hair dye and a whole new outfit last weekend. I went to finalise some wedding stuff and have a look around town and thought I looked pretty cute so snapped a couple of quick photos. 

 Top: F&F @ Tesco
Cardigan: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Bag: TK Maxx

Like the title suggests I haven't been feeling very inspired with clothes recently. I guess I have a terrible case of wedding-brain mixed with a busy end of term schedule and dressing for work that is making everything in my wardrobe look like different coloured sacks. 
I love this bag though. My Mum bought it for my sister for Christmas, but (luckily for me) it didn't really float her boat. I adore the colour though, it adds a bit of excitement when I am in a plain tee & easy jeans kind of mood.

Today marks 4 weeks until the wedding!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

22. Nailed it...sort of.

Last time I went into Superdrug they had offers on nail stuff and make up. The nail stuff was buy 2 and get something else half price and the make up was all 3 for 2. So I picked up a Sally Hansen top coat after needing one for-like-ever and this Candy Dip sparkly stuff. Then in my make up offer I decided to get one of the Barry M nail pens. I always want to do funky stuff to my nails, but my self-manicures are never particularly tidy enough when I try to add extras. 

The colour is from Kiko and cost 2 Euros. It's been a bit of a summer staple on my stubby little hands so I wanted to try out the pen and the glitter with it. 
The Candy Dip pack comes with three pots of varying shades and textures of glitter and 18 double sided tape nail wraps. It was really simple to use and actually not very messy because the pots are big enough to get a whole nail into, no sprinkling required. The stickers are perfectly sticky enough so the glitter clings to them and it worked really well. The only problem I had was that it's really easy to take off and I have a terrible habit of picking off nail varnish when I'm a bit bored. So it only lasted a day. I'll definitely use them again though, because it's so much easier to apply than all of my other loose glitter products, the double sided tape is actually a genius idea for those of us who are manicure-amateurs. 

This is how it turned out. I used the Barry M pen to add little hearts to my nails, the silver can come out a bit watery but a couple of dotty coats and it dries quite well. It's really simple to use and I was quite happy with it. It's definitely easier than other methods I've tried, including dotting tools and the rest. 

Basically I'm really happy with these products especially because neither were full price and both are really good for people who like doing fancy things to their nails but don't have the patience or skill to do it well!

Monday, 19 May 2014

21. Spain pt 3. What I bought:

I bought a fair bit of stuff when I was out there. Gibraltar has a good amount of shops thanks to the no tax thing it has going on. It's particularly good for cigarettes, booze, perfume, jewellery and sunglasses.

Because of the discount that most of the shops offered I decided to look for a scent to wear on my wedding day. After much spraying and sniffing I got Prada Candy L'eau. I haven't actually opened it to smell it since but if I recall its the kind of smell I like!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I absolutely love an Italian make up brand called kiko. Their products are really great, at a very good price and they always have offers and sales in their stores and on their website. For example the 2 nail polishes I bought were 1,90€ each and they're quick drying and long lasting. I also picked up a good and black eyeliner, a pencil lip gloss, some foundation and a kabuki brush from the kiko shop. The foundation is a bit dark because it's for European skin tones (and I'm ghostly white), but I'll definitely be using it in the summer when my face gets a bit tanned. 
The 2 l'oreal mascaras and eyeliner were bought from the in-flight catalogue. They were £16 for two and the liner was thrown in. These are my favourite mascaras, I like them better than every other brand I have owned, including everyone's favourite, Benefit they're real. 

I've wanted a tangle teaser type brush for a while and got one for 10€ in a beauty shop in badajoz. I have not been disappointed with this thing. I use it when my hair is wet and dry. After years of wrestling my hair and dreading having to brush it while wet, I actually *gasp* prefer brushing it wet with this.

I bought a couple of scarves, this sweet little Portuguese clasp purse that I'm using as a handbag make up bag and some patterned van style trainers.

And last but not least my wonderful parents bought me these gorgeous d&g sunglasses. SA-WOON. I want to wear them to my wedding because they'll go with my whole 50s thing, but I don't know if I can hold out that long. Perfect glasses of my dreams. 

Anyway, these posts have taken me like a month to write and post! I feel like life ran away with me a bit there. I've been working, wedding planning, applying for jobs and I've also taken up running! 
Hopefully it won't be too long next time. 

20. Spain pt. 2: What I wore.

I didn't get many OOTD pictures, but here are the ones I did get. 

Shirt: Asda
Top, Shoes, Bag: Primark
Leggings H&M

Everything is Primark. I love these shoes, I have these shoes in 3 colours and wear them all the time. 

Everything Primark again. This dress is my new fave. So comfy and I look really cute in it (if I say so myself)

Good face day that day too.

Pt. 3 next!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

19. Spain Pt. 1: What I did.

I'm very lucky that my sister lives in Spain. Of course I miss her like mad, but the holidays are great. I've been to visit her quite a few times, and Spain has quickly become one of my favourite destinations. 
Going to Spain over Easter is extra special because of the Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions that take place all over the country. Last year we went to see the processions in Seville where thousands of people take part, and this year we went to Badajoz, where the processions were much smaller and then onto Fatima in Portugal. 

This is one of the Our Lady of Sorrows floats that was carried through Badajoz on Good Friday. They're so beautifully decorated. From what I understand from various websites/translations, the floats are kept in different parts of the town in their parishes and the different brotherhoods are responsible for them. The people that go underneath them and carry them are called Castaleros and for them it really is a privilege to be able to take part in the processions. Over Semana Santa (Holy Week) the processions are sort of like the Stations of the Cross, and each procession contains a float with Jesus on, from entering Jerusalem up to his death and resurrection, and then following him are the ones with Mary on. Even for non-Christians from countries that don't have these traditions, the processions really are a sight to behold. 

 Here's a random picture I took of a town from the road on our way to Portugal from Badajoz, it looked lovely, and we saw loads of those gothic-looking churches in the towns we passed. 

 We went up to Portugal to Fatima, a place of Catholic pilgrimage. It's believed that here, Mary appeared to 3 young children called Francisco, Lucia and Jacinta in the early 20th century. She told them that they must suffer for sinners and also told them 3 secrets, or prophecies, only one of which has been revealed. Jacinta and Francisco died from influenza within a few years of the apparitions, but Lucia lived until 2005. Fatima is a very beautiful and sombre place. People go there from all over the world and commit acts of penance, like walking around the sanctuary on their knees. The sanctuary felt so peaceful but there was something very sad about it too, I think mainly because of the focus on suffering, sacrifice and penance.  

This is the lands surrounding Lucia's house where she grew up. Down the path is a monument of where an angel appeared to the three children.

Our Lady of Fatima statue being carried in a procession to the outside altar before mass in the Sanctuary.

Spanish roads on the way back to my sister's.

Pt. 2 to follow...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

18. Weekly Update #1

I want to start making some recurring posts, some things I can post to the blog on a regular basis, even when I don't feel like I have a lot to say. The first one I thought I should start and try out is a weekly update. I'm not sure what it'll include every week, it might change, but here is the first instalment!

3 Things I've done this week:
Started re-reading Spike Milligan's WWII memoirs.
Washed my curtains
Thrown my dogs ball over the fence by accident.

3 Things I've listened to:
New Broadway Evita Soundtrack
'Hamish and Andy's Podcast
'No Such Thing As A Fish' Podcast

 3 Things I've watched.
Brooklyn nine-nine
Bad Words
The Mindy Project

3 Places I've been.
For Chinese food with my family
Sea Front with Mr T.
Gatwick Airport to drop my sister off.

3 pictures I've taken this week:

(dog, me, countryside walk)

3 Things I'm looking forward to this week: 
Going to Spain to see my beautiful sister and spending time with my parents.
Flying. I love flying.
Going to my fave make-up store, Kiko.

So here's to a great week!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

17. An Easter Holiday Haul.

I'm a week into my Easter Holiday and I haven't really done as much as I wanted to. I've got a list as long as my arm of stuff to get done, but I've mostly ended up cleaning, sorting out clothes and going out a couple of times. I can't believe a week has shot by already, and I have 2 days to get everything I wanted to done before I fly off to Spain for the remainder of my time off. Anyway, earlier in the week I took my mum and great aunt to Westwood Cross in Broadstairs to have a look around. Of course I ended up buying stuff, how could I not? 
The vast majority of my current wardrobe is from Primark. Right now, with my quite limited income and saving for the wedding, I literally cannot justify spending over £10 on one item of clothing, which is sad because I wish I could. I still spend a lot of time troweling through websites like asos, new look, lovedrobe and now boohoo+, but in reality buying clothes isn't something I can do at the moment. I'm actually starting to get excited for when the wedding is over, we're a married couple and I can spend some of my money on shoes instead of personalised napkins! 
I'm not saying my love affair with Primark will come to an end either, because honestly, I think their quality is actually improving and fashion moves so quickly.

On our little day out I spent £41 and bought 2 tops, 1 cardigan, 1 jumper, 1 dress, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 packs of bangles and 1 hair thingy. 

The hair thingy is this cute flower headband that is made to go around a bun. It's really bright pink and they also had a pastel  pink one. I like the flowery hair trend, but find that the hairbands just slide off my big head and don't look too good when there are 3000 pins holding them into place.My hair is almost constantly up in a bun, so this is a welcome addition to my boring go-to hair style.

I love the look of stacked bangles I've been seeing all over pinterest and various blogs. It adds something really interesting to plain outfits, and these were £1 for 10 for the thin ones, and £2 for 8 of the bigger ones. I don't really like the one that looks like it's got little bottle openers around it, but that one can be consigned to a drawer.

 I have 3 pairs of the coral coloured pumps. I bought them in leopard print the first time, beige the second time and then this colour. They're really soft and so comfy and match everything. My biggest need in shoes is comfort. I have really weird feet and 90% of my shoes manage to hurt my feet somehow, rubbing on my heels or little toe or giving me massive blisters, even if I have been wearing them for a month they suddenly get painful one day. The white plimsolls on the right are made to look a bit like Toms I think. I wasn't buying them for that, I just wanted some plain white *soft* shoes to wear on my holiday visit to see my sister.

It's another one of those holey jumpers and swing dresses - I bought them previously and showed them in my last Primark haul post. I love these dresses, they're only a tenner! I also love these jumpers, they're still only a fiver! 

 The two tops and a cardigan. One is a cami dress, that I'll just wear as a vest, the other is a see-through top and the cardigan is a navy blue colour. All very basic and very cheap. Perfect for mixing and matching. 

 I didn't think this post would be quite so word heavy! Here's a pretty edited picture of my purchases to make up for it.

Now to get a move on and do everything I need to before I leave on Tuesday!