Sunday, 13 April 2014

Weekly Update #1

I want to start making some recurring posts, some things I can post to the blog on a regular basis, even when I don't feel like I have a lot to say. The first one I thought I should start and try out is a weekly update. I'm not sure what it'll include every week, it might change, but here is the first instalment!

3 Things I've done this week:
Started re-reading Spike Milligan's WWII memoirs.
Washed my curtains
Thrown my dogs ball over the fence by accident.

3 Things I've listened to:
New Broadway Evita Soundtrack
'Hamish and Andy's Podcast
'No Such Thing As A Fish' Podcast

 3 Things I've watched.
Brooklyn nine-nine
Bad Words
The Mindy Project

3 Places I've been.
For Chinese food with my family
Sea Front with Mr T.
Gatwick Airport to drop my sister off.

3 pictures I've taken this week:

(dog, me, countryside walk)

3 Things I'm looking forward to this week: 
Going to Spain to see my beautiful sister and spending time with my parents.
Flying. I love flying.
Going to my fave make-up store, Kiko.

So here's to a great week!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

17. An Easter Holiday Haul.

I'm a week into my Easter Holiday and I haven't really done as much as I wanted to. I've got a list as long as my arm of stuff to get done, but I've mostly ended up cleaning, sorting out clothes and going out a couple of times. I can't believe a week has shot by already, and I have 2 days to get everything I wanted to done before I fly off to Spain for the remainder of my time off. Anyway, earlier in the week I took my mum and great aunt to Westwood Cross in Broadstairs to have a look around. Of course I ended up buying stuff, how could I not? 
The vast majority of my current wardrobe is from Primark. Right now, with my quite limited income and saving for the wedding, I literally cannot justify spending over £10 on one item of clothing, which is sad because I wish I could. I still spend a lot of time troweling through websites like asos, new look, lovedrobe and now boohoo+, but in reality buying clothes isn't something I can do at the moment. I'm actually starting to get excited for when the wedding is over, we're a married couple and I can spend some of my money on shoes instead of personalised napkins! 
I'm not saying my love affair with Primark will come to an end either, because honestly, I think their quality is actually improving and fashion moves so quickly.

On our little day out I spent £41 and bought 2 tops, 1 cardigan, 1 jumper, 1 dress, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 packs of bangles and 1 hair thingy. 

The hair thingy is this cute flower headband that is made to go around a bun. It's really bright pink and they also had a pastel  pink one. I like the flowery hair trend, but find that the hairbands just slide off my big head and don't look too good when there are 3000 pins holding them into place.My hair is almost constantly up in a bun, so this is a welcome addition to my boring go-to hair style.

I love the look of stacked bangles I've been seeing all over pinterest and various blogs. It adds something really interesting to plain outfits, and these were £1 for 10 for the thin ones, and £2 for 8 of the bigger ones. I don't really like the one that looks like it's got little bottle openers around it, but that one can be consigned to a drawer.

 I have 3 pairs of the coral coloured pumps. I bought them in leopard print the first time, beige the second time and then this colour. They're really soft and so comfy and match everything. My biggest need in shoes is comfort. I have really weird feet and 90% of my shoes manage to hurt my feet somehow, rubbing on my heels or little toe or giving me massive blisters, even if I have been wearing them for a month they suddenly get painful one day. The white plimsolls on the right are made to look a bit like Toms I think. I wasn't buying them for that, I just wanted some plain white *soft* shoes to wear on my holiday visit to see my sister.

It's another one of those holey jumpers and swing dresses - I bought them previously and showed them in my last Primark haul post. I love these dresses, they're only a tenner! I also love these jumpers, they're still only a fiver! 

 The two tops and a cardigan. One is a cami dress, that I'll just wear as a vest, the other is a see-through top and the cardigan is a navy blue colour. All very basic and very cheap. Perfect for mixing and matching. 

 I didn't think this post would be quite so word heavy! Here's a pretty edited picture of my purchases to make up for it.

Now to get a move on and do everything I need to before I leave on Tuesday!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

16. You'll get by, you always have before.

 My weekend has been pretty great. I forgot to mention that I went to see Evita on Friday night. It was absolutely incredible. I'm a massive fan of musicals, and have wanted to see Evita for a few years. It's currently touring the UK with Marti Pellow (off of Wet Wet Wet) as Che, and he was amazing! I often hate when they have a celeb in major roles in my faves because they're not always as good as proper stage-musical actors, but his voice was gorgeous as were the actors who played Eva and Peron.
Anyway, today we went to visit Mr T's Mummy for Mother's Day and my Mummy. Took them both flowers and had dinner at my Mum;s house. Then I did a few wedding things, including purchasing £40 worth of sweets off of eBay for our sweet table.

I wore a Shoes, Shirt and Jumper from Primark and jeans from Asda. It was perfectly sunday-comfy. 

 I took my pictures at the end of the day, so I look a little bedraggled, but my make up help up really well considering the amount of face-rubbing I do when I'm tired.

For a couple of months I've been doing my make up on weekends as a sort of experiment for wedding make-up. These are a few I've really liked. I'm doing it myself on the day, because the few times I've had someone else do it I haven't liked it at all. There's something about other people doing my make-up that makes me not feel like myself, and I think I'm pretty good at knowing what looks good on me. I need to choose a look and practice it a few times and take photos because I do not want to wing it on the day and look like a clown, so expect many more selfies in the coming months.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

15. The Sun Wasn't Lying.

Today was sunny. It wasn't that fake sunny but still cold thing either, it was actually very warm, so I took outfit pics in my garden which is much better. It's nice being in the sun and being able to use natural light again!
I dressed pretty average today. I took my mum to London to see my nan to give her flowers for mothers day, and do our usual London routine: pie and mash on the walworth road, Ayres the bakers in Nunhead then to my nan's for a cup of tea and a chat. 

I wore: 
Shirt: asda
Jumper & leggings & sunnies: primark
Shoes: vans
Bag: juicy couture

I was really pleased with my hair. I dyed it around 3 weeks ago so the colour has softened but is still really bright. I'm keeping it this colour for the wedding now and it's totally working for me. I forgot why I even stopped dying it red. 

My bag up close. I got this bag in a Juicy outlet in Florida. It's the best because I love the shape of their bags and the sturdyness of them but the colours and embellishments don't usually float my boat, but this one is cute and unusual all at once. 

Here's a gratuitous bathroom selfie for good measure. Also I took off the jumper when I realised how hot it was and wore a black cardigan instead!

I hope the weather is as nice tomorrow, I have a much more relaxing day planned. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

14. A Wedding Planning Update.

Excuse me for my absent of late. I've been swallowed by wedding planning/work/sleeping/writing fanfiction (don't judge me for that last one). 

I haven't written a proper post about how my wedding planning is going. I am VERY conscious that talking about it too much can make a person who is usually fairly interesting seem as boring as a pair of damp socks, hopefully this post won't have that effect.
Wedding planning is weird. I always thought I'd be so organised and really love it, but to be honest I have come to realise I'm not that kind of person. I've spoken to people on both sides of the fence- those that would be happy with a registry office and an M&S dress, and those who have planned every detail without even being engaged. I am pretty sure that I'm right in between those. My reasons for thinking this are:
  • I couldn't choose a colour scheme so I'm having every colour.
  • I had almost nothing in mind about anything until I saw it in a magazine or on pinterest or plucked it from the air.
  • I chose the first venue I saw.
  • I hadn't even imagined myself getting married until I booked our date and venue around 14 months ago, then I put off all planning until around 6 months ago.
  • I did know what dress I want.
  • I know I want to marry Mr. T. for definite and see his cutesy face forever. 
  • I am genuinely very excited when I do get round to planning or putting anything together.
  • The planning process has given me a vision that I'm now trying to (sort of) follow. 
So in all of this weird jumble of feels and pricrastination and other things I have had a few saving graces.

Let me recommend this site to everybody who is planning a wedding and doesn't feel as though they fit into the common image of a traditional bright eyed bushy tailed fairy princess bride. Even if you feel like you fit into that group but have tattoos or are plus size or can't deal with the bitchiness that the most popular bridal forums or wedding magazines have to offer, then this is the place for you. Every Sunday I spend an hour or so reading posts, gasping at how amazing and original many of the weddings on there are, and generally loving the site and community. As a fat bride I have been told over and over by people who love me and think they're doing the best by me that I should lose weight for my wedding- that nobody likes a fat bride- that I'll be more comfortable- blah blah blah. I don't blame these people for saying this shit, it's what they're told to say to be *supportive*, it's what the wedding magazines tell us- "Recently engaged? Start your diet now!" No thanks, mate. Surely planning a wedding is enough to think about? Offbeatbride has some great articles on being a fat bride. The weddings featured are those of all kinds of people, from all walks of life, and when I see other people looking beautiful and most importantly, happy and not giving a shit about losing 20 pounds for their big day, it's a relief and also a confidence boost.
The whole website is a reminder that it's our party and I'll do whatever I want to. There are so many gorgeous note-worthy weddings featured that I won't single any out, but I will say all of the Muppet themed weddings are my absolute faves. 

Pinterest is a love/hate kind of thing for many brides-to-be. I'm increasingly seeing blog posts about people actively avoiding or banning themselves from looking at pinterest, because a. most of the wedding inspiration on there is just set up just for photographic reasons, and B. they see all of the things and then want all of the things. I, too, have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest weddings, because of all of the burlap and lace. I just don't get it. I didn't realise UK and US weddings were so different until I was exposed to all of the bejeweled country themed burlap and lace stuff. I'm not sure I'll ever understand, but there is still a butt load of stuff that has actually helped and inspired me for our day. When using pinterest as wedding inspiration you just have to make sure you're going in with your eyes open and with a slightly cynical mindset, because really, your guests probably won't appreciate personalised CD's with all of your fave love songs, no matter how good an idea it seems at the time, also, *personal opinion*, drinking out of old jam jars is gross. 

Ah eBay. you beautiful land of wonderful old shit, you. Ebay has become one of my best friends over the last couple months. Because I want to spend money on the big things, like venue, clothes, car, magician etc. I've been looking at ways to save. I was looking for balloons, hiring someone to do balloon arrangements for a few hundred quid when I have hands and a number of helpers with hands seemed silly, so instead I bought around 100 balloons in all different colours, then I bought a canister of helium and have named my oldest brother Balloon Captain of the wedding. It's that easy. I wanted a veil, but didn't want to spend £70+ on said veil because I'll probably take it off straight after the "I do"'s are done, searched veils on ebay, found one for a fiver, and it's perfect, decent quality, fast shipping, incredible price. I don't think I need to promote eBay much more.

4. Ikea.
I'm a big ikea fan, we've got a gift account with them for our wedding gifts and I can never resist their colourful Swedish design at such reasonable prices. I saw those lovely lacy topped pots on lots of blogs holding make up brushes and things, and decided they would be perfect for our centrepieces, and they're £2 each! Then when I went to pick them up, I discovered a whole IKEA party range, including honeycomb ball decorations, which was exactly what I wanted. I just feel like it was fate. Ikea is perfect for buying things that can be used for the wedding and again after. I'm going to be buying more bits and pieces from there for the reception, hopefully a large picture frame for our guestbook table and a box for our cards to be put in. 

So yeah, all in all i'm chuffed with how well planning is going, I've bought my shoes, got the bridesmaid dresses, Mr. T now has a suit to wear and I still have just over 4 months left. 

4 months isn't a very long time....

Monday, 24 February 2014

13. A flowery post.

If I hadn't decided to do a history degree, I hope I would have trained to be a florist. How lovely would it be to work in a wonderful smelling shop surrounded by colours and beautiful things all day long. For some reason, I got it into my head that I'm actually pretty good at flower arranging without the training after putting together a few bouquets for birthdays. I could definitely be fooling myself here, and obviously nothing I make is going to look remotely professional, but today I decided to try my hand at arranging some flowers for my wedding centrepieces. I love weddings full of flowers, but I definitely do not love the price smacked on said wedding flowers. I understand how much time and artistry goes into arrangements but thankfully, it's fashionable to have messy looking shabby chic arrangements and I am going to use that to my advantage. 

The lacey pot is from IKEA and cost £2. I went to ASDA and bought some flowers, 4 bunches of various flowers cost me around £10. The centrepiece arrangement was the most difficult, because there is a balloon weight inside it and the flowers had to be worked into a foam block around that. The stems of the flowers (especially the carnations) are very flimsy and kept breaking. So instead I just shoved the stems into gaps around the outside of the foam. I think when I try again with the centrepieces I'll try to get a more uniform length going and have a few more flowers filling in gaps as well as try my hardest to not snap any stems. 

I also made a bouquet, which was so easy. I chose some of the flowers, bunched them together, placing colours somewhat strategically, used wire to bind them tightly and then covered the wire in a crusty old ribbon I had laying around, then cut the bottom of the stems off. 

I am actually so chuffed with my first attempt. In the middle of August there should be so many more flowers for me to choose from, and if I have a practice and a play every few weeks then I should have a pretty specific idea of what I'm going for by then. 

Before I decided to spend my Sunday flower arranging, I went to my venue to meet my co-ordinator and go over some deets. 

I wore:
Dress: Select
Cardigan: Topshop
Shoes: Primark.

I own too many tights that were woven by the devil himself to constantly fall down or have a hanging crotch. I need to tight cull. These ones went straight in the bin when I got home. I guess when crap fitting tights were the worst thing about your day it was a pretty good day, right? 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

12. 2-4-1

I went to IKEA to buy, you guessed it, wedding crap. It was a pretty successful day. I ate meatballs, bought what I needed and found some other awesome stuff too.  Ikea is one of my favourite places on earth. I just love walking around, imagining my dream home enjoying the names of their products. I have to refrain myself from buying things for our house because it isn't decorated properly yet, and won't be until after the wedding now. 

I bought these hella cute famingo glasses that were too good to use as glasses, so they're on my vanity table as little cotton swab and pad holders. And also these honeycomb half-ball sticky things, that i have no idea what to do with but couldn't help buying. Ikea has some really, really great party items right now, including big ones of the honeycomb balls. I bought a selection of colours for the wedding and was so suprised to see so much cool wrapping paper, ribbons, decorations and general party stuff, but it was literally perfect timing for them to begin selling it! 

I wore:
Jacket: Primark
Dress: Asos Curve.
Scarf #1: Charity shop
Scarf #2: Primark
Boots: Uggs.

I changed my scarf for some reason? I probably took the first one off, put it down and forgot where it was. I bought this dress in the ASOS sale around November. It's pretty comfy, if not a little tight over the booby area which is a surprise because I am not well-endowed in the chest area. I'm pretty disappointed at how much the pattern has faded. I know Asos' clothes aren't exactly big bucks, but this dress was my first purchase, and after hearing so many positive things about the curve line and it's quality, I guess I just expected it to not fade so badly after about 4 washes. 


Then on Friday I went to London to visit my nan and eat Pie and Mash and stuff. I couldn't believe the sun was properly out so much last week, so took the opportunity to have a garden picture. 

I was wearing
Shirt: Asda
Jumper & Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Vans.

Half Term finished today and I'm back at school tomorrow. I've had such a productive week and I'm sort of sad it's over so quickly. I still have a list as long as my arm of stuff to do!
I think if I had all the time in the world it still wouldn't be enough.